Cloud Jams

Freeform co-creative experiences of conscious touch and authentic connections in a safe space where we flow without goal.

Flow without goal

We experience a space where open-heartedness, authenticity and vulnerability can flow naturally.

We create a setting that supports opening up to true intimacy through body to body contact. We come together as a group in a short facilitated activity which brings us to our Body. We then move into Flow where things unfold as they wish within the defined container. We cuddle, we mingle, we take breaks and enjoy food, only to return to touch when called to it. Together, we are self-reliable. We witness the flow of our physical, emotional, mental and energetic states in ourself and others.

Touch Jams

Co-creation on a menu

The core principle of our Jams is co-creation. We encourage each other to bring our needs, wishes, skills, and inspirations into this experimental space. The heart of the space is our “Touch Menu” where we can display our wishes and offerings.

  • Sensuality 15% 15%
  • Sexuality 0% 0%

Sensual Jams

Naked touch without goal

We explore the boundaries between sensuality and sexuality. Through our naked bodies, we show ourself vulnerably, and express our sensuality with our bodies. We unlearn that naked touch must escalate to sexuality. We respect the non-sexual space by noticing when our energy rises, and consciously pause and slow down.

  • Sensuality 80% 80%
  • Sexuality 10% 10%

Erotic Jams

Sexuality outside our patterns

There is a world of touch in sexuality that does not involve genital stimulation. Thus, we explore erotic connections with our underwear on. We do not join to find partners, but to find ourself. We let go of our hunger for connection, and meet through abundance, where we are enough, and where we relate with others in authenticity.

  • Sensuality 100% 100%
  • Sexuality 100% 100%

Entering the co-creative space

We encourage participants before entering the space, to notice their current state, set an intention, self-regulate, let go of their story about how the experience is going to be, and be open to the flow and dynamic of the group.

To initiate the Jam, we open with a guided practice to seed trust and resonance in the group. This activity varies from Jam to Jam and can be, among other things, dancing, breathwork, self-massaging, singing, or a mini cacao ceremony.

Floating between spaces

After the opening practice, the space becomes available to us to flow. Each Jam unfolds differently depending on the dynamic, desires and needs of our group.

The kitchen has a generous variety of vegan snacks, tea, water, to replenish our energies. As we refrain from talking in the ritual space, this is where conversations and exchanges happen.

Self-reliance & support

Jams, by design, are spaces where people  come together and flow freely. We rely on our ability for self-regulation.

The Self-Care space is where we rest and reflect on our own. This is a sacred space where we are not approached by anyone. As a group, we all support each other; it is an important part of creating a trustful community where we can rely on each other. Some of us can decide to take on the role of  Cloud Angels, when we feel skilled and comfortable with holding space for those who need it.

For self-reliant consensual beings

In these experiences, we are required to be already practiced in the understanding and expressing of our boundaries (at a previous Conscious Touch & Consent experience or equivalent), as well as respecting those of others. We engage with others slowly, we ask before touching, both non-verbally, and with words, especially when reaching out to groups that already interact.

We put our own care, health and well-being first. We pause regularly from interactions to check-in with ourself, notice if everything feels good, and decide to continue or end our current interactions. When needed, we move to the self-care zone to be alone, or ask for support from others.

On gender balance

In our experiences, we do not limit nor balance the representation of gender among our participants. We allow natural unfolding of the group participants. Every event might have a different gender ratio and different energy ratio (masculine, feminine, and neutral). We embrace all gender identities and body configurations.

For some of us, experiencing physical interaction with one particular gender might come more naturally than with others. We are invited to question our patterns, and approach touch outside the limits we define for ourself.

On nudity & sexuality

Several workshops' content include invitations for nudity. This is always optional, and though we recommend to be comfortable with the idea of group nudity, we will never have to be nude if we don't want to.

The content of the workshops involve practices and exercises about sexuality. We set and communicate  clear limits; some of which are specific to a unique workshop, while others are for the entire Journey.

We will communicate the complete list of boundaries for each workshop in the opening circle.

The importance of integration

The process in which we revisit, work through and make sense of the insights and content of our experiences  is called integration. We believe in making a sustainable change in our life.

An essential step for this is to find time and space to explore those experiences. We can either integrate by ourself by meditation, journaling, or creating art, or with others, our coach, therapist or close friends and loved ones.

For this, we can join the Integration Space: a container where we can share our insights from our experiences.

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Cloud has a space there where we can engage with each other, discuss,  share our journeys, ask each other questions, and more.

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