Sεnsual Jam

Explore the boundaries between sεnsuality and sεxuality in this non-sεxual but naked version of our Touch Jam. Through slowness, we show ourselves vulnerably, and express our sεnsuality with our bodies. We connect with one another through touch without goal and without the need to escalate our energies.

We show ourselves in our nakedness. We will start the Jam clothed, then go through a few facilitated activities which will involve undressing. Though we can remain in our underwear or lunghi if we wish, we are invited to stay fully naked as much as possible. This experience is sεnsual, not sεxual. Here, we can experience our sεnsual energies without diving into εrotic exchanges. Light kissing is permitted, sεnsual touch as well, but genital touch is not.









18:30 to 22:30

(doors open 18:00)


Obere Zäune 14, 8001 Zürich (map)

What to bring

  • Lunghi or towel (you can change at the venue).
  • Snacks for potluck and a water bottle.

How much (flexible pricing)

  • Early bird: CHF 60 to 120
  • Late tickets: CHF 90 to 120
Why flexible pricing?

We wish for you to participate in a Cloud experience regardless of your financial situation. For this reason, we make our prices flexible. Please pick an amount according to your financial means. If the minimum value is still unaffordable, you can contact us.

Early bird tickets are only available for a limited time. We know sometimes you need time to make a decision, but as organisers, it's important for us to know early how many people will join. So please register as soon as possible.



A non-sεxual experience

In this experience, we connect with others in a non-sεxual way. We acknowledge that the line between sεxual and non-sεxual interaction is not always clear; therefore, we provide clear guidelines on the nature of the physical interaction during this experience.

We remain fully clothed during the event (unless specified otherwise above). We do not kiss nor interact with sεxual zones: genitals or breasts. We respect that the space is not meant for sεnsual or sεxual interactions. We encourage awareness of sεnsuality and arousal, as they naturally appear in the frame of touch and intimacy, but without actively diving into sεxual energy or pursuing the stimulative touch.

On gender balance

In our experiences, we do not limit nor balance the representation of gender among our participants. We allow natural unfolding of the group participants. Every event might have a different gender ratio and different energy ratio (masculine, feminine, and neutral). We embrace all gender identities and body configurations.

For some of us, experiencing physical interaction with one particular gender might come more naturally than with others. We are invited to question our patterns, and approach touch outside the limits we define for ourself.

The importance of integration

The process in which we revisit, work through and make sense of the insights and content of our experiences  is called integration. We believe in making a sustainable change in our life.

An essential step for this is to find time and space to explore those experiences. We can either integrate by ourself by meditation, journaling, or creating art, or with others, our coach, therapist or close friends and loved ones.

For this, we can join the Integration Space: a container where we can share our insights from our experiences. We usually host an Integration Space event every month. Check our next experiences for more details.

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Get in Touch

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