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Authentic Relating 2023

– Complete Journey

Restore natural capacities of belonging, attunement, trust, and autonomy to experience what we all need: nourishing relationships.

Here you can register to the series of workshops.

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Sundays 11:00 to 17:00


Obere Zäune 14, 8001 Zürich (map)
(Follow Cloud signs)

How much

  • CHF 150 to 300 per workshop (for 4 or 5 workshops paid together).
  • Individual workshops will be 160 to 320 per workshop, subject to availability.




Registration - Authentic Relating 2023 - Complete Journey

For multiple registrations to the same experience, please use unique addresses each time.
We do not limit nor balance the representation of gender among our participants. Read more about this below.

You can decide if you register to 4 or 5 workshops in the Journey.
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Please choose an amount per workshop according to your financial situation. The amount you input will be multiplied by the amount of workshops you will join. If paying the full amount in one go is difficult, please contact an organiser.
To complete your registration, please send your full payment (all workshops) via bank transfer to the following IBAN:
CH13 0900 0000 1540 3329 3

In the comment of your payment, please put the name of the event you're paying for. If you're having difficulties with the payment, please contact us.

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How to know if you’re registered?

Your registration will only be complete once you’ve made your full payment. Please follow the instructions above for your payment. If you are having any difficulties with registration, please contact us.

Terms of registration

  • You must be 18 years of age or more to register to our events.
  • Registrations to our events are binding.
  • Tickets are transferrable to other eligible participants (If you cannot attend an event from the series you're registered to) as long as the new participant meets these terms.
  • If you cancel up to one month prior to the event, you can be reimbursed 50% of your contribution minus credit card processing fees.
  • If you cancel under one month prior to the event, you can be reimbursed 25% of your contribution minus credit card processing fees.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the event, are not entitled to any reimbursement.
  • No shows are not entitled to any reimbursement.
  • If the event is cancelled by the organisers, you will be fully reimbursed. Any further claims are excluded.
  • For cancellations, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Certain Cloud experiences require previous attendance of one of our events, or to send ua a Check-in Message (this is specified on the registration form.) This is so we understand your experience with Consent and conscious spaces. Following receiving your message, we will either confirm your attendance or request you join a Conscious Touch & Consent experience first.


  • Be punctual. Arrive at the venue early enough to prepare, change and be ready at the start of the event.
  • Take responsibility for your safety and health. Do only things that are good for you. When you find things exciting, say Yes. It's ok to go outside your comfort zone as long as it feels right. It's also ok to change your mind, even in the middle of something.
  • If a particular activity does not feel right for you, you are welcome to take a mindful observer role. We have a space dedicated for self care where you won't be disturbed. There, you can hold space for others with your presence. If you need further assistance, you can reach out to a host at any time.
  • Say No or take a break if you feel overwhelmed. It's ok to not want something. It's ok to be undecided. It's ok to change your mind. No is never a wrong choice.
  • Give others the freedom to say No and be thankful when you hear it. This is a sign of mutual trust and respect.
  • Respect gender and orientation diversity. If you are unsure how to refer to a person, ask them.
  • Feel into your heart and be compassionate towards others' choices.
  • Please do not consume mind-altering substances before or during our experiences.
  • Come to the experience showered and clean. We will have mints and deodorant available.

A non-sexual experience

In this experience, we connect with others in a non-sexual way. We acknowledge that the line between sexual and non-sexual interaction is not always clear; therefore, we provide clear guidelines on the nature of the physical interaction during this experience.

We remain fully clothed during the event. We do not kiss nor interact with sexual zones: genitals or breasts. We respect that the space is not meant for sensual or sexual interactions. We encourage awareness of sensuality and arousal, as they naturally appear in the frame of touch and intimacy, but without actively diving into sexual energy or pursuing the stimulative touch.

On gender balance

In our experiences, we do not limit nor balance the representation of gender among our participants. We allow natural unfolding of the group participants. Every event might have a different gender ratio and different energy ratio (masculine, feminine, and neutral). We embrace all gender identities and body configurations.

For some of us, experiencing physical interaction with one particular gender might come more naturally than with others. We are invited to question our patterns, and approach touch outside the limits we define for ourself.

The importance of integration

The process in which we revisit, work through and make sense of the insights and content of our experiences  is called integration. We believe in making a sustainable change in our life.

An essential step for this is to find time and space to explore those experiences. We can either integrate by ourself by meditation, journaling, or creating art, or with others, our coach, therapist or close friends and loved ones.

For this, we can join the Integration Space: a container where we can share our insights from our experiences.

Join the Cloud community t’s a community of communties, a place to discover amazing events, including ours, and a place for communities to grow organicaly.

Cloud has a space there where we can engage with each other, discuss,  share our journeys, ask each other questions, and more.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us and let us know.

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