Guided Conscious Touch

A facilitated non-sexual experience explores the basic human need for touch and how to create a safe, conscious exchange with consent, trust, and boundaries.

The Guided Concept

Imagine exploration of belonging, communication and boundaries through touch with people who, just like you, seek heart-opening connection

This experience is for you if you like to explore our core need to connect through touch. At our Guided Conscious Touch experiences, we practice touch from the place of the embodied experience, immersion into our inner and outer senses. At the same time, we witness the process: of physical sensation, emotions, and thoughts from a deeper part of ourselves that allows us to make healthy choices. We call this process “somatic relating”. The ultimate goal is to bring a sense of belonging, attunement, trust, and safety to experience the nourishing connection we all need.

Understanding our Core Needs

At a basic level, our physical and emotional well-being and the ability to create healthy relationships are connected to five core capacities. In this experience, we focus on practicing and exploring connection & belonging, attunement, trust, and autonomy. 

Five core capacities to create healthy relationships:

  • connection/belonging – to be in touch with our body, and emotions, to feel that we have the right to live in this world and with other
  • attunement – to feel our needs and emotions, recognize and reach out for them, take in physical and emotional nourishment
  • trust – to allow healthy dependence and independence
  • autonomy – to set appropriate boundaries, to say no and set limits, speak out your mind without guilt or fear
  • love-sexuality – to live with an open heart and passion, to integrate a loving relationship with a vital sexuality.

Guided Conscious Touch is an initiation into the fifth element of love-sexuality that we further explore in other experiences, for example, The Journey into Authentic Sexuality.

Creating Trust through Consent, Boundaries, and Autonomy

Autonomy, a sense of independence, and appropriate boundaries allow safety for the innocence of the heart to be open. Many of us have not learned health, YES and NO. Some people might be kind and openhearted but were not encouraged to develop healthy anger to set their limits and say NO. Others have rigid boundaries and do not say YES, which closes the heart and cuts them from the nourishing flow of life energy.

Our practice explores the balance between opening and closing and how this pulsation creates a sense of trust in relationships. We are inspired by the Wheel of Consent and trauma-informed following NeuroAffective Relational Model.

Practicing self-regulation with somatic & mindful awareness

In this guided experience, we learn to make conscious choices in the relational space with other people and build healthy and fulfilling relationships.

During the experience, hosts hold space and guide participants in the elements of regulation and awareness. Participants are encouraged to practice a sense of agency using dedicated Safe Care where they can rest and reflect. The Safe Care zone is a space in the room where one can sit by themselves and won’t be disturbed.

Conscious Touch as a way of Communication

Touch is our first language, long before we actually can speak words. It creates the first contact with the world, giving us a sense of security and belonging. Touch is essential to develop a healthy immune and nervous system. Touch influences how we perceive stress and pain, who we trust, and who we fear. Touch shapes us as humans. Love, vitality, and compassion are conveyed deeper through touch than words.

In this experience, we take you on a step-by-step journey into conscious touch. We learn four elements of conscious touch and practice them as a group and as individuals. We are inspired by NeuroAffective Touch.

The Ritual Space as the Conscious Touch Laboratory

With the practice of a basic touch vocabulary, just like a child on the playground, you can use this simple language in a flowing space we open in the second part of the event.

Here, you have an opportunity to be part of the fully facilitated safe space where you can explore different ways that conscious touch and somatic relating can bring you into a healthy, alive, and heart-open place.

Floating between Inside and Outside Experience

We want that each participant is responsible for and aware of their physical, emotional, and mental safety. Part of the experience is to have a space to learn about physical and emotional self-regulation. To support this process, we set several different zones to flow between.

Emotional Self-Regulation
The Safe Space area in the room is where you can rest and reflect on your own. This is a sacred space where no one approaches you. During breaks, you can also use our garden and a back room, where you can rest and take some space for yourself.

Physical Self-Regulation
The Kitchen has plenty of vegan snacks, tea, and water so that you can replenish your energy. This is the space for conversations and exchanges as we keep the main room without talking.

At any point, you can approach the Host when you need advice or support or notice something that needs to be addressed. Kasia is a trained trauma practitioner – do not hesitate to reach out to me before, during, or after the experience.

How will your life change?

Being authentic means staying open to all present in the body, mind, and heart. Allow the experience to settle down after you leave the space and go home. You have been in the space of a great expansion. Each expansion is followed by constriction. This principle of life pulsates like the heart – it opens and closes. Remember that after each constriction comes expansion again.

Integration tools you can use are journaling, and all forms of arts: drawing, painting, going into nature, being with animals, and sharing with others.

Talk to an experienced practitioner or therapist if you need help with integration. Contact us if you don’t know where to start.

We wish that the Cloud experience stays present in your daily life and that you become an advocate of conscious touch and somatic relating.

Together we can make our little world more beautiful, compassionate, and connected. Observe how the space around you changes; magic is happening every day.

For New or Experienced in Conscious Touch and Somatic Relating

Guided Conscious Touch experiences is open to all people, all genders. It is a perfect way to start your journey with somatic relating and conscious touch, independent of your level of previous experience. Hosts are trauma-informed and hold the space at all times for the participants.

Check out our upcoming events to join your first Cloud experience.

Non-Sexual Experience

In our Guided experiences, we connect with others non-sexually. We encourage awareness of sensuality and arousal, as they naturally appear in the frame of touch and intimacy, but without actively diving into intense sexual energy. The participants remain fully clothed during the duration of the experience and refrain from engaging in overly sensual touch.

If you wish for a guided exploration of sexuality, sensuality, and eroticism, check out our Journey Into Authentic Sexuality workshops.

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Somatic Coaching Skills by Eran Freiwald

20-22 January 2023
10:00 to 18:00

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