Cloud Community

The Cloud Community is growing! We wish to continue spreading our values and mission, and invite you to get involved.

Join the Cloud Team

Cloud Helpers

At our experiences, we need 1-2 people who help us set up and clean up the space. As a helper, you are still a regular participant; your help is only required before the start, at the breaks and at the end of our events.

As a Helper you join our experiences with a 50% discount.

Cloud Angels

Angels are participants with  experience in emotional and psychological peer support. We acknowledge the vulnerability that might manifest during our experiences. For example, in our co-creative Jams, Angels hold space for those who request it in a dedicated Angel-Care space. If you feel called to become an Angel, please let us know. We usually make a call for Angels in our Telegram group.

Cloud Ambassadors

Your voice has power. If you know friends and loved ones who would benefit from joining our experiences, please share our website, and invite them to our Telegram group and Facebook page. You can also leave testimonials and reviews on our Facebook page and our Google Map location.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us and let us know.

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Hand photo on magenta by NITISH GOSWAMI | People with triangle photo by Noah Buscher | Hands below sky photo by youssef naddam